Good morning, it's the big day!

A Rhythm of Prayer is ready and waiting for you

Hello friends,

Today is the big day! My new collaborative book A Rhythm of Prayer is now - finally! -available everywhere!

Selfies are weird. I tried. That’s that.

This gorgeous book is now on bookshelves in bookstores, waiting for you in your mailbox if you preordered it, in your purse, downloading onto your e-reader as we speak, or on your bedside table already! which is WILD.

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My hope is that you’ll borrow language from these prayers by folks like Barbara Brown Taylor, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Stephanie Tait, Alia Joy, Chanequa Walker-Barnes, Amena Brown, Lisa Sharon Harper and so many others. I hope you’ll be reminded that you are held - always, fully, completely - in the Love of God. I want this to be an act of resistance at this moment in our time, a way for us to fling wide the doors to prayer, to set up a few tables in your wilderness so we can feast together on truth, justice, and goodness.

If there is one thing I know about navigating an evolving faith, both through my firsthand experiences and through these years of shepherding many others in this path of wilderness formation, it is this: the work of reclaiming and reimagining is good, hard, holy work. And it’s worthwhile.

May these pages encourage you to reengage with prayer, particularly on the other side of a faith shift. In these pages, may you find a new way to pray, a new way of understanding the ancient ways, and be given a new language to express your own deepest longings and hopes not only for yourself but for the world.

May you find a new rhythm of prayer that makes you sway, makes you kneel, makes you dance. May you be blessed with discomfort, wonder, and curiosity about the Story with which we all continue to wrestle. May you be quieted by this love, may your striving and hustling pause for just a moment so you can know Love is with you. May you experience the surprising, open-door, generous, invitational, creative, disruptive, welcoming Love of God and may you leave these pages filled with unexpected hope.

How to Help

Launching books is always terrifying but add in a pandemic and well. You get it. So if you want to support me and the release of A Rhythm of Prayer, here are a couple quick and easy ways to do that.

Post a review at online retailers - you can even post at multiple retailers using the same review everywhere. (The Amazon reviews are a big deal in particular so it would be nice to have a few right off the bat.) Your reviews help other people find the book. If you’re on Goodreads, add it to your To-Read shelf.

Spread the word on social media! Take a picture of the book or a selfie with the book - even better, I love to see your faces. Post about the book release or share quotes from the book on Facebook or Twitter.  Heck, I’ll take MySpace, I’m not proud (obviously). Tag me, too - I’d love to say hello.

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Buy a copy or two (or, I don’t know, twenty) for your family and friends as Easter gifts.

Saying “thank you” feels inadequate, but I must say it: thank you. Thank you for your support and help and for believing in this book. And in me.

I will absolutely be refreshing Amazon an unhealthy number of times throughout the day and over-tweeting, it is what it is, thank you for your understanding at this time.

I love writing books for you,


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