Want to help build my Christmas Gift Guide?

Hello, my friends - I’ve been hard at work on my Annual Christmas Gift Guide to Empower. This year is such a good list with lovely and useful things for everyone (hopefully). This is shaping up to my biggest one yet - we’ll have discount codes and an epic giveaway, too. BUT there is one thing missing: your suggestions!

This thread is my way of opening up the floor for you all to participate in creating the Gift Guide for 2019. I’ve saved two or three spots for your suggestions or favourites.

the office christmas GIF

So come tell me about an organization or business that makes good things and empowers others. I have a preference for small businesses or women-run businesses swimming upstream who focus on empowered employment, ethical sourcing, living wages, and sustainability along with a tangible demonstration of how they give back to the community or empower others with their profits.

If you have a favourite item, even better - share the link! I’ll check them all out and consider including a few of your favourites in this year’s offering.

Thanks for your help!

Love S.