Wisdom from the Field

A new community initiative for all of us to play

Hello, my friends -

As Field Notes has grown, it has become very clear to me that this is so much more than an e-newsletter from an author you like (I hope anyway!). In addition to the content I’m creating here, somehow we’ve also become a small, trustworthy community of people who are figuring out how to be “for” rather than simply “against” out here in the wilderness. We also like to share our collective wisdom in the comments whether it’s about tv shows or smash the patriarchy.

Back in the day, I had an Ask Sarah feature where you all could send in questions and I would try to answer them. Well, I realized rather quickly the limits of my own wisdom and it died a quiet death. But the idea stayed with me because so often when we are deconstructing our faith or in a season of change, we are craving perspective, advice, a listening ear, a new way of seeing our own life. We need people to ask about faith, politics, marriage, kids, friends, work through this new lens of understanding faith. We want a life council.

So I’ve had an idea: rather than asking me, why couldn’t you all ask each other?

For example, maybe you're wondering:

  • how did you know if and when it was time to leave a faith community?

  • how do you thrive in a relationship if your religious beliefs change?

  • If I love this particular book, who should I read next?

  • how do you stay in relationship with your parents when your values or political beliefs clash?

  • how do I talk to my kids about God?

  • Can you recommend a good book or bible study that won’t make me want to throw up?

Get the idea? We have a diverse, wise, passionate, connected community of readers who with a tremendous well of knowledge and experience. It seems wrong to let all of that go to waste. We have so much to offer to one another.

If you have needed a life counsel, a community of people who are thoughtful, to come alongside of you and offer different perspectives on your questions or decisions or simply share their own experiences, I think this might be wonderful.

We'll feature your questions as a Community Thread every week or two and call the Wisdom from the Field together - let’s see how this goes….

Ask Your Question

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