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How do I introduce my kids to God without messing them up?

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Here is this week’s question:

I'm at a point of reconsidering almost everything I grew up believing, such as heaven and hell or even any afterlife of any kind. Certainly reconsidering whether Christianity could be the only "right" path to walk towards truth.

I am still drawn to Christianity and attend a wonderful church that I don't plan to leave. I'm wondering how to present ideas of faith and God to my kids in a way that is age appropriate but also respectful to the great mystery that all this is.

How do I introduce my kids to God without messing them up?

— From Sarah H. in Washington

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Happy chatting! I’ll pop in now and then with a few thoughts, too.

P.S. Whether or not you personally have kids isn’t an indicator of wisdom for this question - we look forward to hearing from everyone. Everyone gets to play.

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