Wisdom from the Field :: Maintaining Relationships?

Welcome to the very first Wisdom from the Field! This is a place for you all to share your wisdom and experiences with each other about the hard questions of faith, church, family, politics, justice, and evolving spiritual journeys. It’s for the Field Notes community from the Field Notes community.

Every week or two, I’ll post a user-submitted question and you all - that’s you! yes, you in particular! - will weigh in with your thoughts, experiences, learnings, compassion, prayers, and perspective.

(Like Baby Yoda, you are equally wise and cute.)


Here is this week’s question:

How do I maintain relationship with my parents when they are adamantly anti-LGBTQ? I came out two years ago and am getting married in May, and my parents are still praying about attending.

— From Rebekah in Washington


A Reminder: Our Guidelines

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