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Field Notes 2022 in Review

What we hope is true about love

How have you accepted and embraced your losses in the wilderness?

The Longest Night

My favourite books of 2022

We’re all stories in the end, so make it a good one, eh?

I love when people love things

Our DIY Field Notes Gift Guide

"You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me."

The Beautiful, Haunted Landscape

29. The Haunted, Beautiful Landscape

Answering your questions about the future of the church, connecting with your partner in busy seasons, non-fiction book recs, accepting a curious faith, a Tim Horton's confessional, and more

Yes, And

Last Call! 🚨

Three words that broke my heart

What triggered your faith shift?

Out and about on the Internet

Let them worry, I know your soul is fine

This One

“Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.”

The Pursuit of God

The Good Things of August

Befriending our ghosts

A Blessing for Back to School

Answering your burning questions on Banff, my health right now, friendship, writing, devotional recommendations, school choices, Amy Grant, lipstick colours, and much more

What would you tell your old self at the beginning of an evolving faith journey?

If you can “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them," then I think this means you can REALLY trust me

🎉 The inside scoop on my new book(!!!)

Apparently people do this? Have fun? On purpose?

For when you're angry

28. For when you're angry

For the days when you're feeling a bit hopeless

Our fave books for 9-11 year olds

Mom guilt, books, summer plans, theodicy, writing advice, and more

An ordinary thing to love

For Uvalde and the borderless chorus

Turns out, this isn't a vibe shift

Be the head, not the tail

27. Be the head, not the tail

An oasis in the wilderness

A bit of serotonin for your week ☀️

Let's chat about books, shall we?

The Power of A Single Voice

I'm here, you're not alone

Jesus retells the whole story from the inside out

Goodbye + Hello to Repentance

26. Goodbye + Hello to Repentance

Goodbye + Hello to Confession

25. Goodbye + Hello to Confession

The places where your soul belongs - a community conversation

Goodbye + Hello to Prayer

24. Goodbye + Hello to Prayer

Goodbye + Hello to Giving

23. Hello + Goodbye to Giving

A Prayer for International Women's Day

Goodbye + Hello to Fasting

22. Goodbye + Hello to Fasting

Ash Wednesday

21. Ash Wednesday

Goodbye + Hello

This is how we catch our breath again

20. This is how we catch our breath again

Right after it’s over

It's just good to know you're here

The Freedom Convoy, Wordle starter words, making peace with our bodies, Derry Girls, and more answers to your questions

Never met an existential crisis I couldn’t knit/read/cook my way out of

So you don't like the Apostle Paul...

Back to the Bonfire: So you don't like the Apostle Paul

My favourite recent read, the books I finished this month, & Kindle Deals for you

Excessive Gentleness ❄️

Excessive Gentleness