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Telling the Truth about 2019

What should we read together next year?

A Christmas Eve Meditation

Birthing :: Advent Week Four


Wisdom from the Field :: Maintaining Relationships?

Journeying :: Advent Week Three

Why Everything You Know About the Nativity is Probably Wrong

Wisdom from the Field

Accepting :: Advent Week Two

The Best Things of 2019

Waiting :: Advent Week One

Advent Together - A Community Thread

My Top 10 Favourite Books of 2019

Does Advent even matter when the world is on fire?

Christmas Gift Guide GIVEAWAY - *CLOSED*

Our Christmas Gift Guide to Empower is here!

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Raising Successful Kids, Powerful Evangelical Women, Don Cherry, and Dolly Parton

When we are despairing

The Good Things: Land Acknowledgements, Icons, and Knitting

Pilgrimages, Womanism, and Tozer

Nope, Not Going Home

October's Lady

Paying Attention to Conflict, Faith Shifts, and Bill Hader Dancing

Good morning, it's Book Release Day(!!!)

Evolving Faith starts tomorrow!

The Good Things: TV Shows, Earrings, and Justice for Maternal Health

Missionaries, Memoirs, Murder, and More - it's Book Day!

Field Notes for September 2019: Part 1

Let Them Worry, I Know Your Soul is Fine

September 2019 - Field Notes Update

Book Launch Team, Assemble

Someone Else’s Deconversion

August Field Notes

An announcement + a new essay + bikinis + books + even more

On Rachel Held Evans

Sometimes Resurrection

40 Things I Know For Sure

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